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Getting Started

This page will help you get started using the Examgen Online’s web application. We’ll walk through the basic features of the application and show you how to begin making exams, quizzes, and worksheets quickly and easily. Examgen Online is simple to use but does require knowledge of some basic computer skills.

Basic Skills
Please use Google Chrome as your Internet Browser for Best Results

You will also need to be familiar with the following basic skills:

  • Logging in and out of a website
  • Using a mouse
  • Dragging and dropping objects within a window
  • Using buttons, checkboxes, and radio buttons
  • Using a menu bar
  • Opening, saving, and printing documents

For tutorials on these skills, refer to your computer’s user manual or one of the many excellent books for beginners. Better yet, ask a friend or colleague; sometimes the best source of information is someone who has already done what you need to do.

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